Fascination for Fangs

In one of the usual weekend gatherings, a fun topic came up. My friends started talking about the Twilight series books by Stephenie Meyer.


Poster of the 1931 classic, Dracula

Friend:               “Have you read those books ? ”

Me:                      “Absolutely” (eyes lit up )

Friend:               “Hmm” ( brows puckered in a frown)

Me:                      “But they are so much fun!!”

Friend:               “I can never make myself read those books”

End of discussion.

Me :         (Frown face)

So, I was shamed by my friends for being bitten by the Vampire bug. I decided not to express my love for the genre without fathoming if  the other person is a fellow admirer too. Once bitten twice shy and all…[no pun intended]

My predilection to this genre started on a long long flight to India. I was in a hurry to board the flight and grabbed the first book I laid my eyes on (bookstore being a Twilight storage house helped). I couldn’t keep my eyes off it for the entire flight and was done before stepping on to the next continent.  Craving to get hold of the sequel. I ended up finishing all the four books before reaching back to Boston.

Disclaimer: I am in no way saying that these books are literary gems, actually far from it. They are just fun being unintentionally funny.

Let’s move on to the TV shows and movies.There seem to be  a flood of vampire shows and movies these days.Vampires are in vogue …

The reasons are obvious, new age vampires are far from your regular mythical 30’s daemons, who live in moldy dungeons, in a shabby coffin and suck the life out of pretty girls.They are glittery,  glamorous and posses deathless good looks and decadent sexuality.They have fancy cars,  do not run away from  garlic and are equipped with latest gadgets, if you will.They are  romantics who pine for love like their mortal companions.Then, there are evil vampires , who are equally pretty. Who can resist seeing a Vampire with thick English accent  saying “Wana see how fast I can text “motherf*$$r?”.  Throw in the sexy werewolves, of the likes of Taylor Lautner  in the mix and I am sold! (Team Jacob all the way) .

The truth is , these books and shows take  you away from reality  and let you live in their mystical world. Drive you away from your mundane life into the world of invulnerability, eternal youth and,  renew your flirtations with the dark side. There are more realistic monsters in our day to day life and if  I can get my  reprieve from them  every Sunday for 1 hour, that’s good enough for me.



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4 responses to “Fascination for Fangs

  1. I can understand (although I believe I was one of those who smirked when you mentioned Twilight). I am hooked on Egyptian historical fiction by Michelle Moran now, and go about thinking I am Queen Nefertiti!

  2. Ha ha! I didn’t mean you, when I was saying my friends shamed me 🙂

  3. Hi Shreya
    I too have read Twilight, and while it hasn’t grabbed me like it does all the tweens and teens out there I can certainly see the appeal. I have been reading vampire and supernatural romance for a very long time and to me Stephanie Meyer just jumped on a band wagon that was already there. She didn’t invent the genre, in fact she came in several years after it became popular, so what is it about her books that made them such a phenomenon? That is certainly a great topic for discussion, hmmm thoughts for a blog post I am sure. If you loved Stephanie, check out Tanya Huff. She was there at the start of it all and they attempted to make her books into television but failed dismally, bad casting and bad publicity really. Sexy, sexy stuff.

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