There is no such place called Far Away

Calla Lilly cake

For all the family and friends whos birthdays I have missed over the years

In an ideal world, I would have been vacationing some where  near Cape Town, right about now. Sadly, “ideal world” is an oxymoron.

And here I was, sitting in my living room, staring at the screen. It doesn’t take much to make me happy. Unload the dishwasher, offer to come with me to watch Shakespeare On the Park  or even bring along Samosas on your way to my apartment and I am happy as a clam. If no one is  doing even that for me, I just have to take matters  into my own hands. Usually, it has to do with calories and more of them.

Last week was rather plain, there was no sense of achievement. I needed a project. I have been away from my kitchen (not physically) but  I didn’t have my mind or for that matter my heart into it. Since, I was not in South Africa amongst the lovely Calla lilies, I decided to bring them  to me. Me and any my dear friend Preethi decided to decorate a cake with Calla lilies.

I started off with a classic yellow cake, jazzed it up with crushed pineapple and frosted it with vanilla pudding(half of which was already gone even before I started frosting). The second cake happened to be German Chocolate. I can’t resist chocolate in any form and this one here, tops the list. I decided to use the butter scotch frosting for it. So, I spent half a day  making these yum yums .

Now comes the fun part, making these cakes look pretty. I made the fondant the night before ( not fun at all). The rest of the day was spent on     making the flowers and coloring the fondant. In the end we were satisfied with the results. Calla lilies looked beautiful and I felt the same joy that I would have experienced in a Calla lilly field. Life just got better.



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4 responses to “There is no such place called Far Away

  1. Jenn

    Did you make that cake in the photo?! it looks amazing!

    on a side note, i’ve been meaning to call you but have found myself under boxes and procrastination with my move (aka, still not packed). Post labor day, we shall plan an adventure!

  2. Dave

    cake coma cake coma cake coma cake coma cake coma cake coma cake coma !!!!!!!!!

  3. Iliana

    I love the cake – it looks amazing and the lilies are so realistic!

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